Monday Nov. 6

CW_H-W and Hitchiker's thumb Activity
  • Using Chi-Square to determine if Evolution is happening

HW_Read and take notes on Chapter 23.3
  • Create Flashcards for:
    • Natural Selection
    • Genetic Drift
      • Bottleneck Effect
      • Founder Effect
    • Gene Flow

Tuesday Nov. 7

CW_Hardy-Weinberg Lab -

HW_Complete Questions under Results and Predictions on Loose leaf.

Wednesday Nov. 8

CW_Quiz Hardy-Weinberg and Driver's of Evolution

HW_Read and Take notes on 22.4
  • Create Flashcard for:
    • Directional Selection
    • Disruptive Selection
    • Stabilizing Selection
    • Balancing Selection
    • Sexual Selection
    • Limits of Natural Selection

Thursday Nov 9

CW_Histograms and Selection Pressure

HW_Read and Take Notes on Phylogenies Packet