Monday, Nov 13

CW_Pear Deck: H-W Lab discussion
HW_Read and prepare for Bottleneck Demo tomorrow

Tuesday Nov 14
CW_Bottleneck Hardy-Weinberg Lab
HW_Complete reflection and Analysis questions at end of lab handout (See Monday)

Wednesday Nov 15
CW_Lab Reflection
Selection Pressure and Natural Selection
HW_Read an Take notes on Chapter 23.4
  • Directional Selection
  • Disruptive Selection
  • Stabilizing Selection
  • Sexual Selection
  • Diploidy
  • Heterozygote Advantage

Thursday Nov 16
CW_Reading Check and Discussion

HW_Understanding Phylogenies (Get Packet from Ms. Rouse)

Friday Nov 17
CW_Phylogenetics and Evolution

HW_Study for Hardy-Weinberg and Evolution Quiz on Monday!!