Monday Nov 27

CW_Phylogenetics Discussion

HW_Read and Take Notes on Chapter Origin of Species
Flashcards for the 5 Prezygotic barriers to species and the 3 post zygotic barriers to species.

Tuesday Nov 28
CW_The Evolution of Species Lecture and Discussion
Anole Activity: Only complete Part 2 as well as the questions

HW_Complete Concept Check Questions end of Chapter. Due on Looseleaf next day.

Wednesday Nov 29
CW_Allopatric vs Sympatric Speciation

HW_Read article attached below. Identify drivers of speciation and if it's allopatric or sympatric

Thursday Nov 30
CW_Quiz AP Bio Test Aligned: Speciation and Phylogenies
CW_Article Discussion

HW_Study for Unit 3 Test Next week

Friday Dec 1

CW_Review Game Unit 3 Test (Natural Selection to Speciation)

HW_Unit 3 Test on Monday!! Study and Prepare!