Monday Jan 8
CW_Osmosis Lab DeBrief

HW_Study for Macromolecule Quiz

Tuesday Jan 9

CW_Macromolecule and Chemical Group Quiz

HW_Gather materials and study materials for Unit 4 test

Wednesday, Jan 10

CW_Unit 4 Review

HW_Study for Unit 4 Test

Thursday, Jan 11

CW_Unit 4 Test - Chemistry of Life


Friday, Jan 12

CW_Review for Final Exam: Set Study goal for weekend Using
*Complete Survey found on Google Classroom

HW_Identify areas of most struggle from Semester 1
  • Unit 1/SummerHW - Ecology
  • Unit 2/Heredity and Inheritance
  • Unit 3/Evolution and Natural Selection
  • Unit 4/Chemistry of Life