Monday Sept 18 Retake for scholars who need to retake

HW_Read and Take notes on Chapter 14.1 in text book
  • Left side of Notebook must include (but not limited to)
    • Important vocab (all bolded terms) with definitions
    • Diagram(s) showing what Mendel discovered with his pea plant crosses

Tuesday Sept 19

CW_Group Discussion and Review

HW_Read and Take Notes on Chapter 14.2 (Text book)
  • Left Side of notebook must include (but not limited to)
    • Mathematical components of inheritance
    • Steps to solving complex genetic problems

Wednesday Sept 20

CW_POGIL_Inheritance and Probability

HW_POGIL Extension Questions.

Thursday Sept 21

CW_Lecture Day (Chapters 14.3 and 14.4)
  • Complex Inheritance
  • Pedigrees

HW_Study for Quiz (content from Monday - Thursday)

Friday Sept 22

CW_Quiz - Inheritance

HW_Read and Take Notes on Chapter 15.1 - 15.2
  • Left side must include but not limited to:
    • All bolded vocab with definitions
    • Summary of results of Thomas Morgan's work with fruit flies